The time between a long, quiet winter coming to a close and the beginning of the spring season is an excellent time to start setting your lawn up for success.

Once the winter season ends, you’ll have more freedom to cross tasks off your lawn care list that may have been limited in the winter. So, if you’re looking to prepare your lawn for a strong spring season and beyond, here are just a few of our tips to help.

Wait until the frost has passed

The winter time is usually a time for you to let nature take its course and step away from your lawn for a bit. Between the risk of frost and cold, wet weather, there is very little you can do for your lawn until all of that has passed.

One thing in the winter that you can do before the spring rolls around is to pay careful attention to any areas that may be compacted in your lawn due to the snow or frost. Those areas will likely need much better drainage in the springtime.

Once the risk for frost has completely passed, you can start taking the necessary precautions to get your lawn into tip top shape for the spring. Waiting for the frost to pass is especially crucial for those looking to start a new lawn. You can always use this time to prep your spring equipment like checking in on your lawn mower blades or changing its oil.

Rake and clean

Once the winter and frost finally pass, you may find that your lawn is in need of some spring cleaning. After all the snow has melted, the ground has dried and the risk for frost is no longer expected, you can start doing some gentle lawn care and cleanup like raking.

While raking, be on the look out for grass or debris that has been left over from the winter. You can also pick up branches, twigs, and leaves to ensure that nothing is impacting the ability for your lawn to obtain the nutrients, air and water it needs to thrive.

It’s important to be especially patient with this step as you’ll want to be as gentle with your lawn as possible. Raking too early on can compact your grass, damage your soil or kill new shoots before they have the chance to grow.

Aerate for better drainage

While in the raking and cleaning stage, you may notice some areas of your lawn are compacted. This may be due to a lot of excess debris from the winter which can cause certain areas of your lawn to lose its ability to take in all of its vital nutrients.

Take the time to aerate those areas of your lawn in order to revive its ability to take in nutrients, air and water, and to stimulate new growth. Aerating your lawn can be done by yourself or professionally and is an important step to set your lawn up for a luscious spring season.

Fertilize Lawn

Fertilizing is key to maintaining a successful and healthy lawn. It can be the very factor that determines how well your lawn resists insects, weeds and moss.

You can apply fertilizer or a strong lawn food to give it the kick start it needs to grow during the spring. You should feed your lawn with fertilizer in regular intervals and a fertilizer spreader can help ensure that you apply it evenly to your lawn.

If you’re looking for an ideal fertilizer, try sticking with a slow-release fertilizer (ideally 28-3-8,) which can feed your lawn for 3 months.

Adequate watering

We all know the importance of watering when it comes to your plants or garden. The same rule applies to your lawn. After fertilizing your lawn, it should be watered thoroughly in order to make it to the soil. Watering will also ensure that as the months get warmer and dryer, your soil and roots are in a good position to cope with those changes.

If your lawn is new, watering is a step you don’t want to miss. Keeping your soil moist consistently will ensure that it can develop a root system, something that will keep your lawn growing healthy.

Between time and maintenance, lawn care is not always easy, but there are many factors that can make it worthwhile. A luscious green lawn can not only frame your well-cared for plants, garden and home, but it can also be a rewarding symbol of your time, effort and hard work to enjoy in the spring.

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