Hanging Basket Fundraising Opportunities

Earn thousands of dollars for your organization!


Discover the Hanging Basket Fundraiser from Clearview Garden Shop.

Tired of selling chocolate bars, hotdogs, baked goods, and car washes for little return?

The Wein family founded the Hanging Basket Fundraiser to simplify the fundraising process for teams and other groups, generating up to $4000 for each group.

Each basket sold contributes $10 back to the fundraiser organization, and customers can choose from hundreds of baskets in an assortment of colours.

Clearview Garden Shop is a one-stop shopping destination for top-quality hanging baskets, potted plants, and gardening accessories, and has raised over $100,000 for the local community through this program.

The Clearview Garden Shop Hanging Basket Fundraiser a more efficient and profitable alternative for teams, charities, and organizations to fundraise significant amounts, quickly.

With each basket sold, your organization receives $10! We often see groups earning $4000+ on their efforts.

Customers can choose from a variety of baskets in different colours

Organizations earn a healthy $10 per basket sold

The program runs from early spring through just before Mother’s Day

Making it easy to be successful!

Clearview Garden Shop is well known in the Fraser Valley for our exceptionally beautiful hanging baskets, with over 50 years of experience!

The perfect Mother’s Day gift!

Frequently Asked Questions


Is there a minimum order?2023-03-02T19:44:09-08:00

There’s a minimum total of 25 baskets ordered to qualify for the program.

If your group does not meet the minimum requirements, we will still give your customers the basket vouchers they paid for. Any groups that do not meet the minimum will be grouped together for a donation of 50% to BC Children’s Hospital and 50% to Surrey NICU.

Please contact us if you feel you have a unique situation.

How does pick-up work?2023-03-02T19:45:36-08:00

The team-lead will have a list of who has purchased and for which team member. Team-leads will be provided one voucher for each basket sold that they can distribute according to the spreadsheet. Purchasers may redeem their vouchers anytime between May 1 – May 31st.

Are there choices of plants?2022-01-17T19:21:49-08:00

This fundraiser is for hanging baskets only. There is an assortment of baskets to choose from including fuschias, new guinea impatiens, and mixed baskets with lots of colour choices.

The Hanging Basket Fundraiser has generated over $100,000 for local communities.

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