Clearview Garden Shop

Closed For the Season. Reopening March 6th 2021

Please practice social distancing.

These are troubling time to say the least BUT it doesn’t all need to be bad!

Here at Clearview we realize how lucky we are to be involved in the Gardening Industry. Through these trialing times of not visiting popular attractions and distancing ourselves from  the crowds we know that we can do no wrong by beautifying our home spaces and breathing in the fresh air that comes with gardening. Moreover it’s no coincidence that we are experiencing high volume in vegetable seed sales and we expect the same trend on vegetable starts, fruits and berries. It’s the perfect year to “Grow Your Own” .

The sheer size of our retail area couple with the wide walkways make social distancing a breeze. We have taken to disinfecting cart handles, bathroom taps, till areas, door handles and all areas where frequent touch is the norm. Even though it’s rare to have line ups at our tills, we have widened our cue area so there is no need for anyone to be near anyone else. We are of course following Covid-19 avoidance criteria that has been outlined by our provincial and federal governments.

A high degree of sanitation is nothing new at Clearview.  In the past our focus has been on keeping our plants clean. It may sound crazy but we have been using hospital grade disinfectant for the past 20 years in all of our growing areas. The disinfectant we use is effective on both viruses and bacteria. Our greenhouse staff is well acquainted with in- greenhouse hand wash stations and foot baths.

In the past these measures were meant to protect the plants, now the emphasis has extended beyond plants to include staff and customers.

Rest assured that we have taken precautions to keep our Garden Shop spotless and disinfected. We have been told in prior years that our Garden Shop amongst is the least cluttered  and cleanest of any Garden Centre around. Our philosophy has always been clean floors, clean benches, clean plants brings top quality.

There are many perspectives and unknowns associated with Covid 19. We respect our customers views and will do our utmost to help meet the needs of any and all of our customers. 

Sincerely ,

The Staff and Clearview Garden Shop and the Wein Family