Houseplants are trending like never before and are a great way to bring the outdoors in.

Once you’ve chosen the houseplant that best suits your taste and your space, it’s time to treat them like the decor heroes they’re meant to be.

Here’s some of our favourite options!

1. Terrariums

Whether you love to garden or are looking to display your houseplants in a unique way, terrariums are great ways to do so. They’re also a great way to save space, perfect for those who have a smaller living area.

Terrariums are small, enclosed environments for plants that are typically housed in clear glass or plastic. You can also choose to keep them sealed or open, depending on your preference.

Houseplants that work best for terrariums include succulents, ferns, airplants, carnivorous plants, and dwarf palms. You can think of terrariums as a mini-garden, perfect for sprucing up your newly purchased houseplant.

2. Hanging baskets

Houseplants are excellent assets for the indoors, but if you have a more extensive collection, they can take up space quickly.

Whether you’re looking to save space or simply do something unique and different with your houseplant, hanging them is a great choice.

Spider plant, pothos, English ivy, and Boston fern are a few examples of houseplants that are not only great choices to hang, but are relatively easy to take care of. Simply hanging them from a ceiling or on a floating shelf on the wall are two ways to elevate your indoor plant game.

3. Windowsill

Arguably the simplest and most familiar way to display your houseplants is by the windowsill. This is especially true for your houseplants that require a bit more extra light.

While displaying your plants near a windowsill can look great aesthetically, it’s important to be cautious of drafts and fluctuating temperatures in that area to best protect the health of your houseplant.

Some houseplants that are well displayed on a windowsill include succulents, cacti, monstera, venus fly traps, and pelargoniums.

4. Add on top of a book shelf or dresser

Levelling your houseplants can make a large difference in how they make your space look and feel. It’s often the spaces that we don’t give much attention to that make great spots to display your houseplants.

The top of your book shelf or dresser are two unique ways to add dimension to your space. The height can also make tending and caring for your houseplants a lot easier to do as well.

5. Create an indoor tropical oasis

Sometimes your choice of plants can elevate the way your houseplants make your space look and feel as well. Tropical plants not only make great indoor plants that are easy to care for, they can also grow in low-light environments and high-humidity rooms.

If those conditions are applicable to your living space, a collection of tropical plants can allow you to create your own indoor oasis, whether it be displayed in your living room, your bathroom, or on your book or bedroom shelves.

6. Display on your entry table

Introduce guests to your space with a bang by displaying your houseplants on an entry table. Houseplants can truly create something special when they’re placed together. They can also make a great focal point in your space as well.

When displaying your houseplants on an entry table, feel free to play around with different varieties, shapes, and types of plants as well as pots to create a memorable display.

7. Brighten up corners

If your living space has a lone corner that could use some more love, place your houseplant there!

It can brighten up the space and give it some more purpose. Larger houseplants are excellent ways to brighten up corners as they often fill in the space well. Some houseplants to consider for brightening up corners are fig trees, elephant ear, and money trees.

Once you purchase a houseplant, they instantly become a true asset to your space. If you’re looking for a way to show them off in all of their glory, consider the tips above to creatively display your houseplants.

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