From butterflies and bees to a variety of birds, wildlife does wonders for our yards and our wellbeing.

Showing special care to the wildlife that graces our yard is an excellent way to appreciate and observe all that they do while helping keep them safe even during the harshest of weather.

Birdfeeding is a popular form of interacting with wildlife, but in order to ensure that you are doing your part in making a positive contribution to the birds in your backyard, consider the 5 following tips.

  1. Select the right feeder

    As you’re shopping for bird feeders, you may notice that they range by type. If you want to attract different types of birds in your yard, feel free to play around with feeders whether they be trays or mounted feeders. Most of all, it’s important that the feeder you choose is easy enough for you to clean and maintain as this can ensure safekeeping in the long run.

  2. Choose a location with a suitable amount of coverage

    A bird feeder placed in an area where there is coverage not only keeps birds safe from predators, it also encourages birds to stay close to your home. If you are looking to attract birds to your home, consider placing your bird feeder or nest box where there is natural shelter in your yard like in trees, shrubs, or hedge rows if your garden allows.

  3. Clean your feeder

    Cleanliness is key when it comes to safely feeding backyard birds. This can prevent the accumulation and spread of disease amongst birds.

    When it’s time to clean your feeder, be sure to discard any old food. Carefully wash your feeder with soap and water as well as with a strong cleaning solution. Once your feeder has dried, you can refill with fresh food.

    To encourage an easier cleaning process each time, an easy-to-clean bird feeder can make a world of a difference.

  4. Provide right food

    Bird food is another area that may be difficult to determine for some. After all, there are a variety of different mixes available, and the kind of food birds eat depend on their species.

    A rule of thumb is to always choose the best quality food and mix to encourage good health and attract more birds.

    Reduce or get rid of the fillers that birds won’t eat, and avoid mixes with ingredients like dried rice, lentils and split peas.

  5. Buy your bird feeders from a place you can trust

    Not all bird feeders will be the right choice for your backyard or the birds you are trying to attract. A bird feeder should be durable, easy-to-clean and easy to fill with food.

    If you’re looking for a good bird feeder that has all of those qualities plus more, look no further than our very own Clearview Garden Shop. When you visit us in store you’ll have options to choose from and our team can provide more clarity, help and guidance.

Creating a bird-friendly environment in your backyard doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, when done the right way it can be fulfilling and help you connect even further with nature.

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